about us

shop116 is Ivan Ilic and Sandie Mac. Together we have many years of experience in the design and fabrication fields, including architectural design, landscape design, industrial design, furniture making, model making, and graphic design. Though listed distinctly, we believe all design fields are interrelated and through their context serve to inform one another.

Our philosophy is to create well crafted pieces that capture the essence of modern design. By simplifying our design and detailing, we celebrate the natural, timeless beauty of the materials used in each piece. We approach every challenge with the same level of discipline and rigor regardless of its size and scale. We use high-quality materials that are intended to last and would not compromise craftsmanship in the interest of reducing costs. We always look for the material and process that best suits the design intent and project budget.

Ivan Ilic is an architect who works and lives in Toronto. Ivan has been making furniture, installations, sound objects, architectural models, and art for as long as he can remember. His attention to detail and patient craftsmanship is evident in all the designs and objects he produces.

Sandie Mac is a professional accountant who works and lives in Toronto. Accounting is her profession but gardening is her passion.  Cultivating precious moments in the garden and sharing them with others motivates her.

We founded shop116 to pursue our passions and talents, and share them with people who appreciate beautiful modern designs.