Centrepiece Display Trays

shop116 Display Trays 8

set of 4 Ontario walnut Centrepiece Display Trays

The Centrepiece Display Trays were designed as simple wood objects that can be used as hot plates and/or coasters. The modern, clean lines emphasize the natural beauty of the wood grain and figure. The chamfered edges provide for a soft, tactile experience and enable easy pickup. The size of the Display Trays can be customized to match the proportions and aesthetics of the table or kitchen island settings.

Created For: Anyone who likes to entertain

Designer: shop116

Pieces Fabricated: Centrepiece Display Trays

Dimensions: Large Trays – L x W x H: 8″ x 24″ x 3/4″, Small Trays – L x W x H: 8″ x 8″ x 3/4″, custom sizes available upon request

Material: Ontario walnut, resin infill (if required), custom material and finish upon request

Pricing: for pricing and lead time, please contact us

shop116 Display Trays 3

small tray showing wood grain and figure

shop116 Display Trays 1

edge chamfers

shop116 Display Trays 4

stack of 3 small trays

shop116 Display Trays 6

set of 4 Ontario walnut Centrepiece Display Trays



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