Vibrant Butterflies

The inspiration for our butterfly designs come from different sources.  The wood selection was based on colours that reminded us of significant moments and experiences in our lives. The 320 butterflies included in our DesignTO display were handcrafted with various combinations of reclaimed and exotic woods elevating the beauty of the natural grain and color.

The butterflies were hung from near-invisible fishing lines to appear as though they were floating. Air movement around the butterflies made them dance in their own unique way. Under the sun, they casted playful shadows on nearby surfaces. Through our butterflies, we aim to create a moment of peace for the observer and remind those around us of resilience and hope.

Created For: Anyone who likes butterflies

Designer: shop116 featuring butterfly pattern designs by Patrick Li, Carol Wong Li, Michael Luong, Ivan Ilic, and Sandie Mac

Fabricated Pieces: stylized butterfly

Dimensions: L x W x H: 3 3/4″ x 3/16″ x 2 1/2″

Materials: Various local and exotic woods with Rubio Monocoat finish

Pricing: $65 each and up.  For large orders and lead time, please contact us

The Butterfly Effect Team (Left to Right): Sandie, Ivan, Patrick, and Carol

shop116 would like to thank the following contributors, sponsors, and supporters for making it possible for us to feature our butterflies for #DesignTO22:

  • Patrick Li and Carol Wong Li, our partners for The Butterfly Effect DesignTO art installation
  • Sylvia Van Dongen and family for their support of our project
  • Marija Ilic and Zvonko Ilic for their amazing support every step of the way
  • Michael Luong for his contribution in the making of the butterflies
  • Daine Mac, Van Mac, Michael Huynh, and Lauren Yang for their help with the final touches and push to the finish line 
  • Queenie Wong for her logistical support and transportation
  • Exotic Woods Inc. for supplying a wide selection of exotic woods
  • Cutler and Gross for selecting our proposal for the DesignTO 2022 Festival
  • DesignTO for paving the way, allowing Designers and Artists to have a voice and share their talents

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