Zipper Bench


rendering showing various uses for the Zipper Bench pieces: bench (overhang or downward), table base (upward), horizontal wall-mounted shelf, vertical shelf with glass inserts, storage console with drawers

Simple forms can make some of the most interesting, versatile, and functional objects. This idea inspired the design for the Zipper Bench. The combination of its slender profile and minimalist geometry allows the bench to be playfully rotated, stacked, re-imagined as a table base, a shelf, or something else. The planes that form the bench are connected with two “zipper” joints, a series of interlocking finger joints which together resemble a zipper. Using principles similar to those of Japanese joinery, the solid wood slats – the “fingers” in the joints – are milled to mechanically interlock, making the joints extremely strong. The repetitive nature of the joints makes it possible to design a bench of any length, and lends itself to efficient fabrication. The bench is made entirely of ash wood, utilizing the wood’s natural strength and elasticity, in combination with unique joinery, to make the slim profile of the Zipper Bench possible.


rear view of Zipper Bench showing the interlocking “zipper” joint

The Zipper bench was conceived as a showpiece to promote the use of Toronto’s untapped Ash wood resource.

Created For: any home or office

Designer: shop116

Fabricated Pieces: Concept

Dimensions: L x W x H: 36″ x 16″ x 16″

Material: Ash, other hardwood options and finish upon request

Pricing: for pricing and lead time, please contact us


front view of Zipper Bench


Zipper joint exploded perspective


Ash pieces ready for milling

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