Fan Favorites

Based on the feedback we’ve received so far, Palm Magic, Carol’s Beauty, Lucky and Wally are the favorites! Leave a comment for us on Instagram or our Facebook page under @shop116designs to let us know which butterfly is your favorite? If you have photos to share, even better! We would love to see our butterflies through your eyes.

Palm Magic

Colour concept by: Patrick Li

Wood Selection: Palm, Cedar, Purple Heart, Wenge

Butterfly Bio: Patrick’s butterfly set, including Palm Magic, Patrick’s Secret, and Padauk Glow, primarily emphasize wood grain patterns. The unique appearance, textures, and contrast achieved for Palm Magic was definitely worth the risk of trying out a brittle exotic wood.

Carol’s Beauty

Colour concept by: Carol Wong Li

Wood Selection: Swamp Ash, Spanish Cedar, Vera, Purple Heart

Butterfly Bio: Simple elegance. The dense textures of Swamp Ash provide an interesting back drop for the subtle colour accents in Carol’s Beauty.


Colour concept by: Sandie Mac

Wood Selection: Wenge, Osage Orange, Vera, Pau Amerello, Walnut, Poplar, Macassar Ebony

Butterfly Bio: The inspiration was to create a green lucky charm with light yellow accents. During the milling process, we came across a piece of bright Osage Orange that just beckoned to be incorporated. We now have an eye catching, golden lucky charm.


Colour concept by: Ivan Ilic

Wood Selection: Walnut, Wenge, Paela

Butterfly Bio: Wally was made with offcuts from walnut slabs we purchased from a local sawmill that promotes urban tree salvage. Our intention was to use Wally as a test piece for all stages of milling. The playful Wenge freckles and bright Paela body Ivan added had everyone telling us they love Wally!

If you like “The Butterfly Effect” window installation, don’t forget to cast your vote by January 31st for the DesignTO People’s Choice Award:


Colour concept by: Michael Luong

Wood Selection: Pine, Bloodwood, African Ebony, Macassar Ebony, Padauk, Curly Maple

Butterfly Bio:

Our nephew, Michael, came to help us dress the wood for the butterflies at the beginning of the project. We asked if he would like to design his own butterfly and were really impressed with his creation.  Maul is stunning and strikingly different from our designs.  

The Star Wars fans out there might have probably guessed which character inspired this creation. To our surprise, we learned that Darth Maul was Michael’s favorite character because he found Darth Maul relatable and most captivating with respect to character development. Michael told us that Darth Maul was “very human in the sense that he succumbed to his emotions and was fallible unlike the other characters in Star Wars.” What do you think? Would you consider that to be the path to the dark side?


Colour concept by: Ivan Ilic

Wood Selection: Pau Amarello, Osage Orange, Paella, Wenge, Canary

Butterfly Bio:

The colour of Pau Amarello wood reminded me of the little yellow Cabbage Butterflies from my childhood. As a curious, introverted kid, I spent much of my time playing in our back yard in Dugo Selo, Croatia, chasing butterflies. It was magical because there was an abundant supply of butterflies to study.

With this memory in mind, I designed Lemonade, a pure yellow butterfly with a few complimentary orange accents. I recalled the feeling of melancholy watching the butterflies fly over the fence. That fleeting moment made me appreciate the elusive beauty of nature even more. Thankfully, the new Lemonade butterflies will not fly over the fence.